Island Sounds

Bring a tropical flavor to your wedding or any celebration where you want some positive vibrations.

Steel Pan music includes not only calypso and Caribbean music,

but can include classical, pop music, and jazz, all with sounds of

the steel pan instrument and distinctive rhythms.

Steel drum music will light up your party with the sounds of the Caribbean!


Steel Pan Player - $300 for one hour

ask about rates for extra hours and adding

pre recorded sound tracks for dancing  wedding

Some more traditional ceremony music is available such as Harpist, Violinist or Guitarist

Violin or Guitar - $300 for one hour

DJ and bands are also available for receptions—ask about our various options

Let us reserve a local musician to add an additional touch of romance and fun to your wedding day.


You can have Island Wedding Services SUV with personal driver, an open air safari van, limo or AC taxi van pick you up at your hotel or cruise ship, escort you to the court house to pick up your marriage license, and take you to and from your wedding destination. See below for details and rates.

If you are coming off a cruise ship you should definitely pre-arrange one of our taxi or limo services to pick you up from the ship, take you to the court house and then to your wedding location (this will take about 45 minutes). It is not a good idea to arrive without your transportation set in place. There will be taxis when you arrive but they will be shuttling passengers in safari vans to popular tourist destinations and it will be a daunting task to find a taxi to take you to the court house and then to your wedding location.

Your wedding will be about an hour to include time for photos and champagne toast. If you are going to a beach you may decide to bring your swim wear and stay at the beach for a few hours or the rest of the day. After your ceremony you can choose to go back to the court house to finalize your paperwork or you can have your minister take it back for you and you will get it in the mail. (see step #9 on the steps page).

If you are staying on island it is a good idea to leave the driving to us or our preferred taxis - even if you are renting a car for the week. It will alleviate the stress of driving on the left hand side of the road or getting lost - not to mention if you would like to enjoy some champagne on your wedding day. Ask us about adding island tours for you and your guests.

If you are staying on island you may want to add activities on one of the following days. Ask about our private tours, tours to St. John, and Beach & Bar Hopping tours.   

Transportation for Couple and up to Two Guests -

Have Island Wedding Services pick you up in an Air-conditioned SUV with our personable and professional staff!

Even a great idea if you have a larger group and want to go to the court house separately from your group.

.... No younger children who need car seats.

Round Trip

Air-conditioned SUV: round trip transportation from your ship or hotel to the beach,

1 hour on the beach, and then back to your ship or hotel (Court stops included).


Island Tour

After your wedding take a tour around and explore the island.

$80 extra per hour.

One Way Trip

Air-conditioned SUV: one-way transfer from your ship or hotel to beach

and drop you there for an extended stay (one Court stop included).


Round-trip transportation for your Helicopter or Sailing wedding would be 2 one-way transfers

Ask about Beach & Bar Hopping Tours & St. John Explorations!   .

AC vans and Open Air Safari Vans

reserved for you by Valevents simply email us to reserve!

Open Air Safari Vans & AC Vans: Will pick you up, take you

to the court house, take you to your wedding location,

and pick you up after your wedding.

Up to 9 people: $225

10 people and over: $25 per person

Limos & Luxury Sedans

reserved for you by Valevents 

For the classiest of transportation, travel in style and have a limo or luxury sedan escort you to your island wedding.

Sedans and Limos are around $100 to $160 per hour depending on the vehicle.

Most have a 2 hour minimum (we recommend having the limo for 3 hours to avoid rushing).

3 hour rates (includes court stops at wait time during your ceremony):

Luxury Mid size SUV for up to 5 passengers: $325

Large Expedition SUV up to 6 passengers: $370

Limo for up to 6 passengers: $415

Limo for up to 8 passengers: $445

Car Rentals

If you will be visiting St. Thomas via cruise ship, we don't recommend renting a car for your the day. Getting your rental car, dealing with parking, and then driving yourselves to your wedding location can add unnecessary stress to your wedding day (we drive on the left!).

If you will be staying in a hotel, renting a car will save you money and give you the freedom to explore the island without the expense of using taxis on a daily basis. However, it is still a good idea to get a car with a driver to pick you up for your wedding, especially if you would like to have champagne. :) Most car rental companies will deliver the car to you at the airport.

Dependable Car Rentals

Discount Car Rental:

Budget Rent A Car

Thrifty St. Thomas

Avis St. Thomas

Music and Transportation