Your wedding ceremony and the words that are exchanged should capture your heart. If you are coming to the islands for your ceremony then that already says a lot about who you are. You are a free spirit who embraces life.

Below is our ceremony that captures a free spirited couple.

You can add your own vows and special touches. Just email them to us ahead of time.

Island Wedding Ceremony (sample)

Today is a day of celebration.

We are here, surrounded by incredible beauty to celebrate life, love, and the beauty of relationships.

But more importantly we are here to celebrate the relationship of two people who have come here to embark on an incredible journey and set sail for a wonderful life together.

It is such a blessing that the two of you have found each other in this world. Your hearts met and through your relationship unfolded vulnerable honesty, gentle caring, and that amazing thing we call love,

which has bonded you for life.

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Sand Ceremony

Add that special tropical touch to your wedding with a unity sand ceremony.

After exchanging rings the minister will say ...

"You have just sealed your relationship by the exchange of vows and rings.

Here in the islands we also symbolize the unity of marriage with a sand ceremony

by the pouring of two individual containers of sand into one.

Each container represents all that you were, all that you are, and all that you will be ever be.

As these containers of sand are poured into the third your lives will be joined together as one."

Your minister will bring the sand ceremony kits for you with boxes to package them up with.

         Together Forever Unity            Heart Unity Sand Vase          Seaside Unity Sand

        3 Vase Sand Kit - $95                   Kit $90                                    Frame -  $90

For more information please e-mail us as valerie.peters@valevents.com

Ministers & Ceremonies


We will have an island minister meet you and your desired location to perform a non-denominational island wedding ceremony.  Our ministers are down to earth and personable. 

We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised with the service.