Locations, Location, Location 

We can have island ministers, photographers and videographers meet you at your choice

of beautiful locations on island.

Here are our favorite tropical romantic spots.

Bluebeard's Beach - $100 site fee

Bluebeard's is a wonderful location offering several great spots for your ceremony

and wedding photos. Get married on the beach, near the rocks or on the garden lawn

under a palm tree. This is private property so you won't be running into masses of

cruise ship passengers!

Magen's Beach - $100 site fee (includes entrance fee for 4 people after that $5 per person)

Magen's Beach is rated one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Pristine sand & glistening waters. As this is a popular beach we would recommend that

you either schedule your wedding early in the morning (8am to 10am) or after 4pm and

to avoid weekends & holidays unless you get there early (by 9am). During mid day &

weekends the crowds take over making for a much less private wedding.

If you are coming off a cruise ship then find out what time they let you off the ship

(different from docking time) - it will take you about 45 minutes to get from the

cruise ship to the court house and to Magen's.

A 10:30 am wedding start is realistic for cruise ship passengers docking at or before 9am. You may want to only get a one way taxi ride and hang out afterwards and jump in for a swim. This is a great location for a beach picnic set up for bride and groom and guests. There is also a beach bar with food. For a near by nice restaurant we would recommend The Grille at Mahogany Run.

Lindquist Beach/Smith Bay Park - $100 site fee ..... (includes entrance fee for 5 guests after that $5 per person)

If you are looking for a more secluded beach a little off the beaten path then this is

the perfect wedding location for you. On weekdays and non holidays you pretty much

have this beach to yourselves. It is on the north east end of the island with a

spectacular view, pristine waters, and white sand. There are no facilities on this

beach - it is virtually untouched. Very private and romantic location!

After your wedding you most likely will want to hang out and enjoy.

We can set you up with a beach picnic complete with umbrella, chairs, towels, lunch,

snacks and beach toys. Make a grand entrance and/or exit on horseback at this location only!

For you and your guests' convenience stay at the All-Inclusive Sugar Bay Resort next door

We can assist with reservations - valerie.peters@valevents.com

Sapphire Beach & Pretty Klip Point Sapphire Beach is a gorgeous beach on the east end of the island on a resort. It has a jetty that protrudes out to sea called Pretty Klip Point.  Site fees range from $100

Elysian Beach - $100 site fee

Elysian Resort offers privacy for your wedding and two restaurants to choose from for

your lunch or dinner.

Great location to stay!

For accommodations to stay at Elysian Resort - we can assist.  

Secret Harbour Beach - $200 to $500 site fee pending on day and time ............

(site fee may be waived or reduced if staying at resort)

Secret Harbour is a great place to celebrate your wedding.

Perfect for a beach wedding with a reception lunch or dinner to follow.

Great place to stay and enjoy your wedding and entire vacation.

As an added bonus our 6 passenger, 38 ft sailboat is moored in this harbor.

You can get married on the beach then hop aboard for a half day,

full day or sunset sail! Enjoy a private romantic beach side dinner after the wedding.

Ask us for details! valerie.peters@valevents.com

St. John -

St. John is the sister island to St. Thomas. Can be reached by ferry or other boats only. Over 60% of this island is pristine national park. Offers gorgeous tropical beaches for your island wedding getaway. Contact us for more details

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And don't forget to ask about our sailing & powerboating trips!

One of the best ways to get married in the Virgin Islands!